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  • Mitsubishi Thermal DigiPlater 459


    Mitsubishi Imaging makes going green affordable with the eco- friendly Thermal DigiPlate. The 2-up CTP system is ideal for small printers who want an environmentally friendly upgrade from analog and electrostatic plates and the ability to image film.

    • 2-up dual function platesetter and film imager
    • Two configurations: TDP-459 and TDP-324
    • Processless and chemistry-free Thermal DigiPlater > Learn More
  • Screen PlateRite 4600S Plate Maker


    SCREEN’s advanced 4-page thermal CtP systems. PlateRite 4600 series CtP systems enable consistent production of high-quality printing plates. The exposure heads have been enhanced with the addition of new fiber laser diodes which enable the reproduction of sharper halftone dots, significantly improving print quality.

    • Autoloader maximizes productivity
    • Wider range of supported plate sizes
    • Accurate reproduction of halftone dots w/proprietary exposure heads > Learn More
  • Screen PlateRite 8600NII Plate Maker


    The PlateRite 8600N delivers superior imaging precision and reliable operation. It consumes less electricity and decreases material use, while meeting the varying throughput and quality demands of printing companies. These systems (available in 3 models) feature the latest fiber laser diode exposure heads, enabling them to achieve throughput of up to 32 plates per hour.

    • Variable range of imaging resolutions
    • Upgradeable to higher productivity
    • Handles plate requirements of sheetfed and web offset presses
    • Capable of imaging 2-up to 8-up plates from 12 x 14.6 inches to 45.6 x 37 inches > Learn More
  • KODAK TRENDSETTER Q400/Q800 Platesetter


    The popular KODAK TRENDSETTER Q400/Q800 Platesetter is designed to guide you through today’s fast-moving business environment. It’s based on the same trusted technology that printers have depended on for over 20 years, but the TRENDSETTER Platesetter has evolved to help printers adapt and grow.

    • Advanced automation
    • Best-in-class imaging technology
    • New app for remote monitoring
    > Learn More
  • KODAK ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters


    KODAK ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters deliver the stability and reliability of Kodak’s thermal CTP technology at exceptional value. So you can provide print quality that sets you apart from your competition – without breaking the bank. This robust external-drum thermal CTP device has been specifically designed for the demanding needs of general commercial and publication printers. With a small footprint that minimizes space requirements, the ACHIEVE Platesetter meets international ergonomic standards for easy access and minimal physical effort, and offers reliable plate making of up to 22 8-page plates per hour. Affordable automation options meet your business needs and help drive maximum productivity, flexible resources and reduced labor costs.

    • Advanced automation
    • Best-in-class imaging technology
    • New app for remote monitoring
    > Learn More
  • KODAK MAGNUS Q800 Platesetter


    KODAK MAGNUS Q800 Platesetters provide exceptional productivity and efficiency – no matter how big or small your print operation. It boasts the fastest 8-page imaging available, up to 84 plates per hour with the new T-speed Plus option, plus several automation options, industry-leading SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, and a modular design for easy scalability, helping your business hit levels of platemaking you never dreamed possible.

    • Advanced automation
    • Maximum stability
    • Fastest CTP available
    > Learn More
  • Navigator / Rip Manager Computer

    The path to prepress independence. Xitron’s Navigator Harlequin RIP is a best-in-class implementation of Global Graphic’s Harlequin RIP technology. Providing prepress environments with fast, predictable, and reliable interpretation of PostScript, PDF, and EPS format files, Navigator is the most trusted name in RIP architecture with over 30,000 installations worldwide.

    • Add cross-platform functionality and user control
    • Protracted scalability enhances performance
    • Maintain overall low cost of ownership > Learn More
  • KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Solutions


    KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is the leading prepress automation software for the print industry. Only Kodak delivers powerful automation customized to the way your shop works. PRINERGY Workflow is compatible with all your equipment, whether you’re printing offset, digital, flexo, or gravure. Easy scalability ensures you will be ready for the future.

    • Increase productivity with Rules-Based Automation (RBA)
    • Improve profitability by reducing guesswork
    • Output to almost any digital press > Learn More
  • RMGT 970 8 color


    RMGT’s recent launch of the new 970 was a key step forward in our continuing leadership of the 8-UP market. Growing our sheet size to the popular 25” x 38” format and adding RMGT’s new ASAP System will set the 970 apart from other players in this market segment.
    > Learn More
  • RMGT 9 Series - 928PF


    An 8-Up printing at a 6-Up price -The RMGT 9 Series is the dominant press in North-America with approximately 60 presses sold in recent years. No other press manufacturer offers this format with as much automation, flexible custom configurations, reliability, and acquisition cost.

    • Max. Paper Size: 920 36.22″ x 25.20″
    • Max. Paper Size: 940 37.01″ x 25.20″
    • Max. Printing Speed: 17,100 sph > Learn More
  • RMGT 10 Series - 1050LX


    The RMGT 10 Series is a high-throughput, full-size machine able to produce high-quality commercial products, as well as color-dominant short-run jobs with fast make-readies and consistent repeatability.

    • Max. Paper Size: 29.53″ x 41.34″
    • Max. Paper Thickness: 0.002″ - 0.031″
    • Max. Printing Speed: 16,200 sph > Learn More
  • RMGT 7 Series - 790ST-5


    The 7 Series provides unsurpassed print quality, reliability, and state-of-the-art automation with up to 31 point stock capabilities!

    • B2-size multi-color offset press
    • Max. paper size: 29.5 x 23.6”
    • 31 X 23.6” can be fed > Learn More
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