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  • Horizon Adhesive #HM225

    Horizon HM255 EVA adhesive is our OEM Horizon white adhesive. Designed for the any of Horizon BQ Binders, and will work with most other manufacures binders.

    • Type: EVA
    • Operating Temperature: 356° F
    • Form: Chips
    • Color: White
    • Package: 44 lb. Cartons

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  • EVA PLUS Hot Melt Adhesive 5lb (White)

    EVA PLUS is our most aggressive EVA adhesive designed to handle most digital stock, including those printers using Fuser oil.

    • Type: EVA
    • Operating Temperature: 350° F
    • Form: Chips
    • Color: White
    • Package: 5 lb. Box
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  • Technomelt PUR Cleaner (Blue Purge 1Kg)

    Cleaner for PUR adhesive in perfect binders Application: to rinse, clean and seal PUR nozzle systems granules, blue. Sold by the kilo.

    • Very good cleaning property for uncured polyurethane hotmelts
    • Very good wetting characteristics
    • Blue colored for better identification > Learn More
  • Coolbind Glue Adhesive (30lb/Box)

    Coolbind EVA adhesive is designed to work with most EVA hot melt perfect binders. Designed to melt at a lower temperature, to reduce ware and waste.

    • Type: EVA
    • Operating Temperature: 260° F
    • Form: Pellets
    • Color: White
    • Package: 30 lb. Cartons
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  • Technomelt PUR 3317 Adhesive

    PUR 3317 2kg slugs is designed to work with single clamp binders with pre-melters, including our Morgana DigiBook PUR binders. 8 bags per box. (Limit: 8 boxes per order.)

    • Type: PUR
    • Operating Temperature: 135° C
    • Form: Slug
    • Color: White
    • Package: 2 kg. Bag

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  • Technomelt PUR 3317 Adhesive (Pellets)

    PUR 3317 pellets are designed to work with open tank PUR binders like our Horizon BQ160PUR, and most other open tank PUR binders. (Limit: 12 per order).

    • Type: PUR
    • Operating Temperature: 135° C
    • Form: Pellets
    • Color: White
    • Package: 1 kg. Bag
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  • Sedona 8.5" x 11" Premium 17pt Leatherette Covers (100/Bx)

    With a smooth and soft texture that resembles leather, these leatherette binding covers are actually made of paper - making them easy to punch and bind for your documents!

    • Material: Skivertex® 17 with Chevo embossing
    • Thickness: .017" (.43MM)
    • Typical GSM: 380
    • Surface: Aqueous Acrylic
    • Grain: 11
    • Square corners

    Don't see the color or size you need? Contact us! > Learn More
  • Gloss Clear Covers 8.5" x 11"

    Our 5mil economy-weight clear covers are ideal for document protection. They are unpunched and crystal clear, so your printed title pages will be visible and secure.

    We also offer clear binding covers in a variety of custom sizes and thicknesses, as well as pre-punched and heat-resistant options, so you can get the best match for your documents - contact us today and tell us how we can help! > Learn More
  • Regular Cutting Stick F/Spartan 150

    Made from special grade of material called Kimoplastic™ the most durable, non-abrasive, and cost-effective material designed for paper cutting. The natural lubricity and self-healing characteristics of Kimoplastic™ will keep a Bladesaver stick on your machine long after other sticks have been rolled or replaced.

    • Only sold in packs of 12
    • Length: 16.50" > Learn More
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