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  • Mimaki UJF 3042 MKII e UV-LED Flatbed


    THE NEW UJF 3042 MkII e UV-LED Flatbed Printer is now equipped with MFD2 (Mimaki Fine Diffusion 2) technology to help support a much higher image quality. Coupled with high performance inks expands the range of applications for the end user.

    • Print directly on materials 6" thick
    • Small footprint with maximum efficiency
    • RasterLink 7 increases RIP by 25%
    • Bed size 11.8” x 16.5”; up to 6” thick > Learn More
  • Mimaki UJF6042-MKII e Tabletop UV-LED Flatbed


    The UJF-6042 MkII e is a flatbed UV inkjet printer that uses state-of-the-art technology to create high-quality prints with exceptional accuracy. Designed for efficient on-demand, direct-to-object printing, it leverages Mimaki’s latest technological advances, including MFD2 (half-toning) for more precise ink dot positioning.

    • Print area of 16.5″ x 24″; up to 6” thick
    • Small footprint with maximum efficiency
    • RasterLink 7 with variable print functions > Learn More
  • Mimaki UJF 7151 Plus II


    The Mimaki UJF-7151 Plus II UV-LED printer is the next generation model in the world’s best selling UJF Series line.

    • Print area of 28” x 20”; up to 6” thick
    • Load capacity has been increased from 22lbs to 66lb
    • Capable of printing up to 1800 dpi > Learn More
  • Mimaki JFX200-2513 Flatbed Printer


    The JFX200-2513 wide format UV-LED flatbed printer can produce a diverse range of output for both indoor and outdoor use. It is well suited for a range of applications such as installation-ready rigid signage, posters, wayfinding, decorative panels, custom pieces, printing jigs, and more. Its landscape-oriented format is designed to maximize floorspace. The UV-LED lamps offer reduced energy consumption and a longer lamp lifetime.

    • Print up to 4’ x 8’ board and 2” thick
    • Up to (8) 4’x8’ boards per hour
    • Dual-zoned vacuum table > Learn More
  • Mimaki JFX200 2513EX Wide Format Flatbed UV Printer


    Mimaki is taking flatbed printing to the next level with the JFX200-2513 EX. This innovative printer adds new productivity and functionality to our proven JFX200 technology. It also adds extra dimension to graphics with an advanced 2.5D Print Function that lets you create realistic textured effects up to 0.5 mm high - with the touch of a button.

    • Print up to 4’ x 8’ and 2” thick
    • Print clear and white
    • Resolution: 1,200 dpi
    • Up to 12 boards per hour
    • Capable of printing flat or 2.5D textured prints
    > Learn More
  • Mimaki JFX600-2531 Flatbed Printer


    The Mimaki JFX600-2513 UV-LED flatbed printer is the fastest model in the world’s best-selling JFX Series line. Productivity has never looked better. This state-of-the-art printer is geared for high accuracy, high image quality, and blazing speed.

    • 16 print heads
    • Print speeds up to 2,152 square feet per hour
    • Production workflow ready with MDL support > Learn More
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