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Quality Slitter-Cutter-Creaser machines available online at Print & Finishing Solutions.

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  • Akiles CardMac Pro Business Card Slitter

    Save time and money with the Akiles CardMac Pro Business Card Slitter! Quickly create your own custom business cards at a low cost and without leaving the comfort of your home office.

    • Full Bleed Cards
    • 6 Preset Sizes + Custom Setting
    • Single Pass Design > Learn More
  • GW Slitter Cutter Creaser


    The PT 331SCC slits, cuts, creases or perfs in a single pass. Full or partial cross perforate up to 32 creases/perfs with registration mark cut compensation. Slitting formats are easily changeable without the need of replacing cartridges

    • 150-350 gsm
    • Interchangeable crease / perf dies
    • Preset programs for quick job changeover
    • Manual cut/crease input for customized jobs > Learn More
  • Aerocut Nano Air feed Slitter and Cutter


    AEROCUT NANO is the card cutter that can take up to 350gsm stock. It feeds, slits and cross cuts to finish prints into business cards, post cards, flyers and more.

    • Intuitive touch screen display
    • Stable air suction feed system
    • 16 pre-programmed jobs and 40 customized jobs
    • Paper weight - 120-350 gsm, depending on paper quality > Learn More
  • Aerocut nanoMax Air feed Slitter and Cutter

    The MBM AeroCut NanoMax stands out with its quick and easy tool-free slitter position settings, enhanced by four InstaSet Bars and a new Fine Adjustment Knob for precise control. It boasts a user-friendly color touch screen and comes pre-programmed with 31 jobs, while also offering the capacity to store up to 80 additional custom programs, including Flex Mode programs.

    • Patented Tri-Suction Feeder
    • Intuitive Touch Screen UI
    • Versatile InstaSet Bar System > Learn More
  • Morgana AutoCut Pro


    The AutoCut Pro delivers the benefits of three functions in one – highly accurate cutting and slitting and high speed creasing in an easy to use system. Link the AutoCut Pro to the Morgana AutoFold for easy cutting, creasing and folding!

    • 150 job recall
    • Up to 5000 letter sheets per hour when creasing
    • 4” Touchscreen operation
    • Skew Adjustment > Learn More
  • GW PT335 Multi Slitter Cutter Creaser


    The new PT 335SCC Multi is a complete full-bleed finishing system to fit the digital marketplace. Equipped with interchangeable creasing/ perfing dies the PT 335SCC Multi can quickly switch over from perfing to creasing while preventing digital toner cracking. Strike perf capabilities means that the PT 335SCC Multi can now do partial perfs in both directions for “T” or “box” perfs.

    • 4" deep pile feeder
    • Multi Accessory Output
    • 9" color touchscreen > Learn More
  • MBM Aerocut Prime Complete


    The Aerocut Prime is an ideal solution for finishing, especially for short-run digitally printed applications, such as business cards, post cards, invitations, greeting cards, leaflets, tickets and more. It features 2 single blade slitters to trim top & bottom margins, and 2 double blade slitters for center gutters and precise accuracy. The durable blades cut stocks up to 400 gsm.

    • Sheet Capacity: 4”
    • Paper Size: 8.27” x 8.27” – 14.5” x 47”+
    • Speed: 24 sheets/min
    • New Lytrod Intellicut software included
    • 15,120 business cards/hr / 6,720 post cards/hr / 1,260 folding leaflet/hr > Learn More
  • Aerocut Velocity Air Feed Slitter / Cutter / Creaser


    The Aerocut Velocity slitter/cutter/creaser features enhanced productivity and user- friendliness. Patented “Tri-Suction Feeding Mechanism” reduces risks of double feeds and mis-feeds. Creasing pressure can be adjusted in 5 levels instantly by shifting the lever.

    • Sheet Capacity: 4” (vs. Classic Capacity: 2 ¼”)
    • Speed: 20 sheets/min (vs. Classic Speed: 12 sheets)
    • New Lytrod Intellicut software included
    • Paper Size: 8. ¼” x 8. ¼” – 14½”x 47”+ (vs. Classic: 8 ¼” x 8 ¼” – 14 3/8” x 20 ½”+) > Learn More
  • GW PT8336 SCC Auto Feed/Slit Creasing System


    The PT 8336SCC Multi is a complete full-bleed finishing system designed for the digital marketplace. Equipped with interchangeable creasing/perfing dies, the PT 8336CC Multi can quickly switch from perfing to creasing to prevent digital toner cracking.

    • 4" deep pile feeder
    • Multi accessory output
    • 9" color touchscreen
    • Built in job creator and 64 job program memory
    > Learn More
  • AeroCut X Slitter-Cutter-Creaser


    The Aerocut X is the basic slitter/cutter/creaser. This is the refined model of the original AeroCut launched in 2010, featuring enhanced productivity and user-friendliness.

    • Intuitive operation with 7" touch screen
    • Flex mode allows for multiple size cards from one page
    • Tri-suction feeding mechanism
    • Robust slitters and guillotine to cut 400gsm stock
    • Lytrod Intellicut software included
    > Learn More
  • AeroCut X Pro Slitter-Cutter-Creaser


    The Aerocut X Pro is the top-end slitter/cutter/creaser featuring state-of-the-art technologies. It is designed, built and calibrated with Japanese engineering and craftmanship at its best.

    • 20% faster (34 sheets/min)
    • Intuitive operation with 10" touch screen
    • Creases 4,080 sheets/hr.
    • Stacking capacity is 3.9"
    • Lytrod Software included

    > Learn More
  • Horizon SMSL-100 SmartSlitter


    The Horizon SmartSlitter is an all-in-one smart sheet processing system that can slit, gutter cut, edge trim, cross-cut, perforate, and crease all in one pass.

    • Paper sizes: 5.5” x 7.6” – 14” x 20”
    • 20 creasing lines
    • Positive and negative in one pass
    • Production: 54 sheets/min.
    • Standard business cards: 21-up > Learn More
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