RMGT 5 Series - 520GX


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The 5 Series offset presses are specially designed for diverse, short-run and long-run printing of catalogs, high-quality art, packages, envelopes, and postcards with enhanced productivity and superior quality.

• A3-plus size 524GX 4-color/525GX
• 5-color/526GX 6-color presses
• Max. Paper Size: 20.47 x 14.76”
• Max. Printing Speed: 15,000 sph
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The RMGT 5 Series 520GX Model offers state-of-the-art technology for maximum printing quality and all-around performance, meeting a wide range of printing needs.  The newly-developed GX series features a semi-automatic plate changer, pull side guide and impression pressure preset systems, a suction tape feeder board, automatic cleaning device, PCS-H printing control system, and program inking. Available option include ink volume setting software, printing density control system, fully automatic convertible perfecting device, and tower coater. The GX series can be configured for printing with UV inks; including LED, and UV coating applications.

The RMGT 520GX model features an array of automation and labor-saving systems plus other high-end technologies, delivering high printing speeds up to 15,000 SPH. From catalogs and heavy stock packaging to envelopes and postcards.  The 5 Series has been a staple in the print industry since 1990

Key Advantages

·       Wide Range of stock up to 24 Point

·       "Semi-automatic plate changing device

·       Excellent Ink Control and Water Control with Inverted C Roller Train

·       Full Press Control from User Friendly Operation Stand

·       Automation equal to Larger Format Presses

·       Available with Coating Unit, Perfector and Award-Winning LED UV System





  • Maximum Printing Speed: 15,000 SPH
  • Maximum Paper Size: 14.76” x 20.47” (375 x 520mm)
  • Minimum Paper Size:  4.13” x 3.94” (105 x 100mm)
  • Maximum image Area: 13.78” x 19.88” (350 x 505mm)
  • Paper Thickness Range: .04 – 0.6 mm  (.0016 x .024”)
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