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  • Foliant Mercury 530NG Laminator

    The Foliant Mercury 530 NG is a very compact industrial Laminating Machine. Constructed for heavy-duty digital and offset output. It is equipped with a Foliant integrated suction feeder and a high-speed bump separator. Several options are available: Foliant Foiler, non-sticky pressure roller, motorized pallet stacker, extended sheets laminating module, etc.

    • Easy operation with touch screen interface
    • Maximum speed 88 ft/minute
    • 2,300 sheets p/hour of 19.7″ x 27.8″ portrait (white 200 gsm)
    • Pressure is pneumatically adjustable
    • De-curl blade/roller for offset/digital sheets
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  • Foliant Vega 400A Laminator


    The FOLIANT Vega 400 A is a very compact industrial laminating machine designed for heavy-duty lamination of digitally printed material. It is equipped with an integrated deep pile vacuum feeder, high-speed bump separator, non-sticky pressure roller, in-run adjustable twin de-curl bar and overlap system.

    • Maximum speed: 59 feet/min.
    • Load capacity: 11"
    • Max. sheet size: 14.9" x 25.9"
    • Warm up time: 8 mins.
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  • Foliant Taurus 760NG DS Laminator


    The Foliant Taurus 760 NG is a fast and Compact Industrial Laminating Machine, constructed for nonstop work with an integrated suction feeder and high-speed bump separator, and with options like a pallet stacker and Foliant Foiler.

    • Easy operation
    • Equipped with a rising back pile separation stream feeder with a suction feed head
    • Single-sided thermal industrial laminator
    • Film is mounted on an air shaft that allows convenient, easy and precise film positioning
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