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Morgana Intec ColorCut SC6500 Feeder & Cutting System


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Perfect for digitally die-cutting packaging, P.O.S. and lightweight card projects – as well as kiss-cutting sheet labels – the all NEW Morgana Intec SC6500 is an ‘on demand’ digital sheet cutter with no physical dies or time-consuming setup costs. Send repeat jobs to a USB drive, enabling you to remotely cut your jobs anywhere there is a power outlet (NO WIRES).

• Cut speeds up to 37.8"/sec
• Digital process means no more costly dies or wasted waiting time
• Auto feeder stacks up to 1,000 80gsm sheets.
• ColorCut Pro – Production Studio software included
• Runs off USB



Features highly efficient, ultra-low energy consumption.
Two operation modes: DIRECT and HELD modes

DIRECT mode: Use ColorCut Pro to create your cut files & cut directly.
HELD mode: Standalone operation. Send repeat jobs to a USB drive, enabling you to remotely cut your jobs anywhere there is a power outlet (NO WIRES).

The SC6500 blends the dual tool cutting and creasing abilities of flatbed technology with automatic sheet fed functionality – all within a precision engineered, compact free-standing device with an easily manoeuvred ergonomic space saving design.

This latest addition to the ColorCut family combines many features of digital cutting and creasing taken from ColorCut’s flagship flatbed range, including the high-speed functionality of its automated sheet fed models but, at a more affordable price point.

Complete standalone operation – even with a stack of mixed jobs

• In today’s busy print environments, the SC6500’s 8th generation Vision3 CCD camera offers an unparalleled production advantage, able to read and instantly retrieve cut files for every sheet on the fly! It can accept a mixed stack of jobs, cutting one after the other in a seamless and uninterrupted flow.

• Its dual ‘Grip and Drive’ feed system holds the media during cutting, on both sides of the cutting head, enabling it to cut closer to the media edges than most other types of sheet cutter.

• The revolutionary cutting strip, based on the superior cutting mats used in Intec flatbeds was developed to offer the optimal surface for both cut-through, creasing and kiss-cut work, suiting both of the production tools. With the cut sheet being in constant high-speed motion, minimal SmartTags are left in the cut lines to retain the item in the sheet – leaving a tidy and manageable stack of finished, complete sheets in the catch tray.

•  High-capacity auto feeder works in conjunction with air blade separation and automated jog function, to present every sheet perfectly for the cutter, every time.

• ColorCut Pro Production Studio software is supplied as standard and offers remarkable digital productivity for the designer and machine operator alike.



Media width (min-max): 7.08" - 13.38"

Media length (min-max): 10.98" - 27.95"

Auto-sheet capacity: 3.34" stacker height (up to 900 sheets for auto-sheet feed, based on / 21lb bond media)

Max. speed: 37.8" per second

Weight: 300lb

Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, 320W

Dimensions: 32.3" x 51" x 48.43" (W, D, H)





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