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Morgana DigiFold Pro XL


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DigiFold Pro XL is exactly like the award-winning DigiFold Pro but better. It is designed to complement the long sheet capabilities demanded by production printers today.

• Crease and fold up to 6,000/sph
• Max load capacity: 7.9"
• Handles long sheets: 8.3" - 51" length
• Media thickness: 80-400gsm
• Optional 2nd crease tool or cross perf tool
• One pass finishing with high performance feeding



Key Features:

• Edge registered vacuum top feeder with an outstanding load capacity of 7.9”

• New sheet separation controlled by optical sensor array - automatically adapts to different media, weights and types

• Automatic feeding parameter selection based on paper size and thickness - simplifies set up regardless of operator skill

• Ultrasonic double sheet detection • Table extendible up to 51’’ to support popular longer sheet applications

• Powerful creasing unit can accept standard and narrow creasing blades as well as optional cross perforation blades

• Optional second creaser enables up/down creasing in one pass

• Simplified adjustments and blade changeovers without special tools

• Inline rotary perforation

• Optional cross perforation unit available



Maximum number of creases / sheets: 30 (with optional static creasing tool)

Maximum productivity: 6000 Sheets per hour, A4/half fold, one crease only 7,500. DynaCrease standard, Static crease optional

Dual folding knifes: Yes

Number of crease tools: Up to two. One DynaCrease and one static crease optional

Maximum load capacity: 7.9’’

Minimum distance between creases: 0.004’’ Media range 0.0035’’ - 0.0157’’

Sheet size: max 15.2’’ x 27.6’’ (15.2 x 51’’with table extension)

Sheeet size: min 3.7’’ x 8.3’’

Inline perf: Standard

Cross perf: Optional (comes with static crease kit)

Feed technology: Vacuum belt top fed with Advanced Process Control (APC)

Weight: 811lb incl. packing





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