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  • Slitter/Cutter Creaser System

    Code: GM-GWH-PT331SCC

    The PT 331SCC slits, cuts, creases or perfs in a single pass. Full or partial cross perforate up to 32 creases/perfs with registration mark cut compensation. Slitting formats are easily changeable without the need of replacing cartridges

    • 150-350 gsm
    • Interchangeable crease / perf dies
    • Preset programs for quick job changeover
    • Manual cut/crease input for customized jobs > Learn More
  • Multi Siltter Cutter Creaser

    Code: GM-GWH-PT335SCC

    The new PT 335SCC Multi is a complete full-bleed finishing system to fit the digital marketplace. Equipped with interchangeable creasing/ perfing dies the PT 335SCC Multi can quickly switch over from perfing to creasing while preventing digital toner cracking. Strike perf capabilities means that the PT 335SCC Multi can now do partial perfs in both directions for “T” or “box” perfs.

    • 4" deep pile feeder
    • Multi Accessory Output
    • 9" color touchscreen > Learn More
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