FastBind BooXTer Duo Binder


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• Quick and easy
• Binds any format from A6 up to SRA3
• Built-in hard cover setter
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The pioneering FASTBIND BOOXTER DUO is the ultimate book binding machine. Its powerful, electronic stapling unit produces an excellent binding result with any materials. It handles photo paper and coated stock as easily as normal copy paper. Compact in its design, the BooXTer Duo fits in any corner of your workshop. The BOOXTER TRIO is ready to work when you are. The semi-automatic operation of BooXter Trio simplifies your finishing process, making it ideal for continuous production. Just place the paper block in the machine and press the start button.  Both units are very discreet, quiet, and clean. It works perfectly when you need it and is unnoticed when you don’t. You can bind professional books, reports, or photo albums in a few seconds. The result is always a strong, square, and perfect book



  • High quality bookbinding made quick and easy
  • Quickly produce documents in any format
  • Binds books from 4.5 x 6˝ up to 13 x 18˝ (BooXter Trio 12.66” max)
  • Light to medium production
  • Used for hard and soft covers books
  • Provides ease of use with ergonomic design & efficiency
  • Warranty 1 Year (Extended warranties available)

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