UV Coating High Gloss - Standard 5-Gallon


Ea. (1)
• Works with Digital, Direct Impression and Offset printed sheets
• Use on sheets printed with HP-Indigo, Ricoh, Kodak and Xerox I-Gen
• Weight: 46.00lb
• Dimensions: 15.00in x 12.00in x 12.00in
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TEC Lighting offers an impressive and proven variety of UV coating to compliment both TEC and other UV coaters. With the TEC Coat line of UV coating, you can rest assured that you will experience consistent finishes from the beginning to the end of a production run. TEC Lighting has formulated proven ultraviolet, cured coatings in a variety of gloss ranges including gloss, satin and matte.

TEC Coat UV Coating is applied by flooding a sheet of paper with a specialized UV solution, and then transferred under resilient UV lighting. The UV coating dries instantaneously, revealing a reflective and vibrant finish, without the sticky effects of conventional UV coatings. In addition to professional aesthetic quality, TEC Coat UV Coatings act as a barrier for printed materials, preventing scuffs and scratches.

Whether you’re looking for a finish that is dry-erase, glue-able, write-able, or for offset and digital presses, the TEC Coat offers an array of applications that can fulfill your custom curing needs. TEC Coat UV Coating is always 100% VOC free and contains no harmful irritants.

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