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When time is of the essence, the KODAK PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press can handle big jobs, lightning fast. Take on bigger, longer, more ambitious jobs than ever before at the lowest print costs of any inkjet press on the market. Drive higher profits, deliver better turnaround times. Ready to take your print to the next level?

• 35% faster than the nearest competitive press
• Speeds up to 5,523 A4 pages per minute
• 3x faster drop velocity than drop-on-demand technology
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With shorter runs, lower quantities, and reduced cycle times, you’ll be printing while your competitors are stuck on the starting block. Kodak Stream Inkjet Technology delivers huge savings on paper and ink usage compared to litho, enabling you to meet the quantities and deadlines your customers expect. And PROSPER’s streamlined press operation means fewer operators, offering big labor savings and enhanced productivity.

The PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press delivers industry-leading speeds nearly 35% faster than its nearest competitor at 410 mpm (1,345 fpm). The PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press has been specifically designed to handle high capacity runs at super-fast speeds with minimal downtime. No other inkjet press on the market can match it for all-out speed, meaning you hit deadline after deadline with ease.

With less time needed on press for each job, the PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press enables you to take on bigger, longer, more ambitious jobs than ever before. The press can handle commercial print, publishing, and newsprint all in one press. With the variable speeds and ink coverage capabilities, you can say yes to more business.

With three optimized print modes - High Quality, Publishing and Turbo - the PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press allows you to fine-tune your production process to give the optimal combination of resolution and speed. Automated processes reduce the need for manual user input, allowing you to use your time – and your labor – more effectively.

The PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press delivers some of the lowest operational costs of any inkjet press on the market. In fact, the more you print, the more you save. Our proprietary ink formulations and interstation drying process allows inks to dry more rapidly, resulting in higher quality, more consistent print.

The PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press achieves speeds up to 5,523 A4 pages pages per minute, making it easy to deliver an average monthly print volume (AMPV) of over 200 million pages.

Three print modes customize the press to achieve your desired result. Turbo mode is appropriate for quick turnarounds and jobs with lower ink coverage and resolution. Speed and quality for books and transactional work is achieved in Performance mode, while Quality mode delivers high-end results comparable to offset for photorealistic images.

Maintain high-quality, accurate color over long runs, thanks to KODAK Intelligent Print System technology. The PROSPER 7000 Turbo Press achieves up to 200 LPI in High Quality mode with drop placement accuracy that exceeds other inkjet technologies.

The PROSPER 7000 Press Turbo can improve your bottom line up to 20% with savings on press operations— including parts and service—that are lower than thermal inkjet presses. The press can deliver significant savings by optimizing consumption of ink and fluids compared to thermal inkjet devices.

Minimize press downtime by reducing potential substrate issues with the flexibility of multiple paper paths (depending on ink coverage and drying needs). Combined with its variable-speed capability, this greatly reduces paper waste – both during press setup and press stops.

KODAK PROSPER Press Inks contain minimal VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). They are toy safe—making them a safe solution for children’s and educational books—and food safe, for indirect contact in packaging applications. No need for a hazardous waste removal process, either.

KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology's drop velocity is almost three times faster than drop-on-demand technologies. Drop placement, accuracy, and uniformity result in superior image quality.

At the core of each press are precise rows of KODAK PROSPER Press Jetting Modules that deliver ink to the substrate with simplicity, speed and reliability. Stream Inkjet Technology produces a continuous flow of ink, enabling consistent operation, without the stops and starts that can hamper production on other inkjet devices. Ink is output with uniform dot size and accurate dot placement, regardless of coverage or substrate, even at very high speeds.

PROSPER Presses have an intelligent inter-station drying architecture that uses near-infrared energy to dry inks immediately. This gives your work the high-value look, feel and bulk of offset that customers expect.

The proprietary nanotechnology inks developed specifically for PROSPER Presses deliver exceptional vibrancy and color consistency. With a color gamut that approaches offset, PROSPER Presses achieve results that are equivalent to SWOP, SNAP, and GRACoL standards, so you can complement existing offset workflows and balance your workload.



KODAK PROSPER Presses make it economical to print up to 200-lpi quality books at production runs up to 4,000 copies.

  • Increase business growth opportunities by meeting short timelines for educational schedules, adapting to different widths of trade books, and being flexible to take on new revenue streams
  • Streamline order-to-cash through reduced inventory and production cycles
  • Reduce waste and lower warehousing costs by matching print run to your sales for all books, including niche and technical titles.

If you're a commercial printer or direct mail house, PROSPER Presses deliver greater return on your marketing investment, as well as improved efficiency and profitability for production runs of up to one million high-quality mail pieces.

  • Get better response rates and greater effectiveness through targeted print campaigns
  • Improve return on your investment
  • More unique mailer versions, brought to market faster

KODAK PROSPER Presses make it possible to reach new audiences—like "city sections"—more efficiently, while streamlining print runs and adapting print editions to target readers.

  • Print short-run sections for regional newspapers and micro-zone sections for metropolitan newspapers
  • Build distributed print networks for faster and more reliable delivery and easy regionalization of content
  • Print targeted ads and inserts




Up to 410 mpm (1,345 fpm), up to 5,456 A4 ppm

Image quality

• Approaching 200 lpi at 200 mpm (650 fpm); 133 lpi at 300 mpm (1,000 fpm), 85-100 lpi at 410 mpm (1,345 fpm)


Types: Uncoated free sheet groundwood and matte, glossy and silk coated papers 42-270 gsm (3-12 pt)

28# newsprint – 100# cover
Roll width: 8-25.5 inches (20.3-64.8 cm)

Imaging system

Technology: KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology
Ink type: Kodak’s aqueous pigmented process color inks
Jetting Modules: 4.16”, 48 Jetting Modules within a standard perfecting press
Imaging width: Up to 62.1 cm (24.45”)
Variable cutoff: Up to 137.2 cm (54”)
Duty cycle: 239 million A4 or letter pages/month

File formats

KODAK 800 Print Manager (Version 5.3 or higher is required) contains:
KODAK 800 Digital Front End contained in three cabinets with 1 Control Server, 4 Print Process Servers
and 3 DFE Accelerator Server Units
Press Controller Host PC
INTEL XEON CPU E3 – 1225 v5 3.3 GHz Processor, 8G RAM, MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 1607LTSC System
Storage: 500 GB HDD
DFE Control and Process/Print server contains (at a minimum)
Dual INTEL XEON CPUs E5 – 2630 v2 2.60 GHz Processors, 16GB RAM, MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 LTSC
System Storage: RAID10 – 1TB (4 1TB Enterprise HDD)
Control Server Job Spool Storage: RAID5 – 6.3 TB (12 1TB Enterprise HDD)
Process/Print Server Processed Job Storage: RAID0 – 7.4 TB (12 1TB Enterprise HDD)
DFE Accelerator Server contains (at a minimum):
Dual INTEL XEON CPUs E5 – 2658 v2 2.60 GHz Processors, 32GB RAM, MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 LTSC,
System Storage: RAID10 – 1TB (4 1TB Enterprise HDD) System Storage: RAID10 – 1TB (4 1TB Enterprise
Hardware-accelerated image processing technology
Scalable architecture, for expansion and customer-specific solutions
Connectivity: Ethernet TCP/IP 1Gbps twisted pair, IPDS (TCP/IP), or JDF/JMF
One cabinet containing the KODAK PROSPER 800 Press Controller
Speed: Simultaneous RIP and print capability at up to 410 mpm (1,345 fpm) 
JDF/JMF: Job ticket control, enterprise connectivity and workflow automation
Workflow: Open architecture allows integration into a wide variety of workflows, including KODAK Unified
Workflow Solutions. CIP4 JDF compliant, Remote Client, Remote Job Ticketing, Hot folder file submission
IPDS connectivity

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Standard configuration: 92 x 26 x 8 feet
L-shaped: 16 x 20 x 2 m (52 x 64 x 8 feet)
U-shaped: 15 x 13 x 2 m (50 x 43 x 8 feet)

Physical dimensions of press

Standard configuration: 68 x 16 x 8 feet
L-shaped configuration: 44 x 52 x 8 feet
U-shaped configuration: 40 x 43 x 8 feet

Operating environment

• 16° to 30°C (60° to 85°F) @ 10 to 90% RH non-condensing; 30° to 40°C 85 (° to 104°F) @ 10 to 60% RH
noncondensing; Altitude above sea level: 1,830 meters (6,000 feet) max.


• Electrical voltage: 3-Phase 50-60Hz and 208-230 50-60h
• Consumption during operation at 200 mpm (650 fpm): 34.2 Kw (idle), 377.8 Kw (uncoated papers), 401.9 Kw (glossy and matte coated papers)
• Consumption during operation at 300 mpm (1,000 fpm): 34.2 Kw (idle), 402.8 Kw (uncoated papers), 442.6 Kw (matte coated papers)


Jetting modules: KODAK PROSPER Press Jetting Modules
Inks: KODAK PROSPER Press Pigment Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Inks; Indirect food contact Inks
Other fluids: KODAK PROSPER Press Storage Solution and Replenisher Fluid
Ink supply: 208-liter drums (55 gal.)


Job submission: KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal System
Creation and organization: KODAK INSITE Creative Workflow System and KODAK INSITE Asset Library
Production management: KODAK PRINERGY Workflow v5.1 or higher
Proofing: KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofing System and KODAK MATCHPRINT Virtual Technology
Asset management: KODAK Data Management Solutions
Color management: KODAK COLORFLOW Software
Qualified finishing solutions: Available from Kodak authorized providers

Optional accessories

• KODAK PROSPER Press Jetting Module Recovery Station
• KODAK Color Toolkit Plus Station and training
• Auto Splicer (provided by Kodak partner)
• Pre- or Post-Coating Station (provided by Kodak partner)
• Kodak’s Ink Estimator Software







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