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  • LST Flatbed Cutter w/Computer & OptiScout

    Code: GM-CWT-08LST_0604RM
    LST 1319 Digital Die Cutter. This is the perfect cost effective solution for a variety of finishing solutions. Kiss cut, die cut and crease all in one pass. CCD Camera registration for accurate sheet alignment. No cutting dies with automatic sheet fed production capable of handling 200 sheets in a continuous cycle.

    • Cost effective digital die cut system
    • Accuracy and speed with CCD vision camera system
    • No cutting dies
    • Automatic sheet fed production
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  • Mimaki CF22-1225 Plotter / Cutter

    Code: PM-MIM-CF22_1225

    The CF22-1225 cutting plotter is based on the proven Mimaki CF2 platform. The new CF22-1225 features a work area that can accommodate oversized media and allows a full 4-foot by 8-foot maximum cut size so print service providers can move materials directly from a standard flatbed printer.

    • 4-foot by 8-foot cutting area
    • Cut a variety of materials up to 20 mm thick
    • Multiple cutting head and tool holder configurations > Learn More
  • Mimaki CF3-1631 Plotter / Cutter

    Code: PM-MIM-CF3_1631

    Equipped with a newly developed router head that can cut materials up to 2” thick, and media up to 63” x 122”. Even acrylic and aluminum composite panels can be cut consistently and accurately. Easily change cutting heads to suite any application.

    • 63”x122” cutting area
    • Cut up to 21.7” per sec.
    • Dual vacuum zones
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  • Mimaki CJV150/160 Print & Cut System

    Code: PM-MIM-CJV150_160

    CJV150 Series high-speed cut-and-print devices deliver an amazing array of applications in a light production environment. Eco-solvent inks in a variety of colors – including Silver, White, Light Black and Orange – and advanced printing technologies plus precision cutting capability enables delivery of complete campaigns that include signs, posters, banners, labels, decals and even T-shirt transfers. Also available with dye-sublimation inks.

    • Available in 32”, 43”, 54” and 64” models
    • Print speeds up to 605 SqFt/Hr
    • Eco-solvent inks: C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Lk, Si, Or, W
    • Dye-sub inks: C, M, Y, K, Lbl, Lm
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  • Mimaki CJV300-160 63.3" Wide Format Printer

    Code: PM-MIM-CJV300_160

    This revolutionary print-and-cut family offers in-line cutting capabilities and features multi-layer printing for transitional or double facing images. Graphics are instantly-cured, so you can efficiently create applications that will meet (and exceed) your customers’ needs.

    • Available in 32”, 42”, 54” and 64”
    • Print speeds up to 277.7 SqFt/Hr
    • Print and cut capability in one unit > Learn More
  • Mimaki JFX200 2513EX Wide Format Flatbed UV Printer

    Code: PM-MIM-JFX200_2513EX

    Mimaki is taking flatbed printing to the next level with the JFX200-2513 EX. This innovative printer adds new productivity and functionality to our proven JFX200 technology. It also adds extra dimension to graphics with an advanced 2.5D Print Function that lets you create realistic textured effects up to 0.5 mm high - with the touch of a button.

    • Print up to 4’ x 8’ and 2” thick
    • up to 12 boards per hour
    • Dual-zoned vacuum table and user-adjustable layout pins
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  • Mimaki JFX200-2513 Flatbed Printer

    Code: PM-MIM-JFX200_2513

    The JFX200-2513 wide format UV-LED flatbed printer can produce a diverse range of output for both indoor and outdoor use. It is well suited for a range of applications such as installation-ready rigid signage, posters, wayfinding, decorative panels, custom pieces, printing jigs, and more. Its landscape-oriented format is designed to maximize floorspace. The UV-LED lamps offer reduced energy consumption and a longer lamp lifetime.

    • Print up to 4’ x 8’ board and 2” thick
    • Up to (8) 4’x8’ boards per hour
    • Dual-zoned vacuum table > Learn More
  • Mimaki JFX500-2531 Flatbed Printer

    Code: PM-MIM-JFX200_2531

    The Mimaki JFX200-2531 extended-bed UV-LED flatbed printer is based on the popular JFX200-2513 printer, with double the print area and twin independent vacuum pumps to increase productivity by enabling printing to continue from one origin while the other is prepared. A variety of inks including white, clear and jet table primer are available to suit nearly any application.

    • Max print area 98.4” x 122”
    • Up to 1,200 dpi
    • Up to 243 SqFt/Hr
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  • Mimaki JFX500-2531 Flatbed Printer

    Code: PM-MIM-JFX500_2531

    The JFX500-2131 super large format fl atbed UV printer combines high quality output with easy operation for printing to a variety of rigid substrates. This production model can print on a single large, rigid sheet or multiple, smaller rigid pieces in one pass. White and clear inks are available to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use.

    • Up to (20) 4’ x 8’ boards per hour
    • Table size 82.7” x 122
    • Up to 1,200 dpi > Learn More
  • Mimaki JV150-160 Wide Format Printer

    Code: PM-MIM-JV150_160

    Ideal for lighter production environments, these models provide the flexibility to deliver exactly what your customers require. Use eco-solvent inks to create everything from fine art reproductions to vehicle wraps and more. Or choose dye-sublimation inks to produce vibrant textiles and soft signage.

    • Available in 54” and 64”
    • Print speeds up to 605 SqFt/Hr
    • Up to 1,440 dpi
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  • Mimaki JV300-160 63.3" Wide Format Printer

    Code: PM-MIM-JV300_160

    The JV300 Series inkjet printers delivers a remarkable range of applications. Gamut-extending eco solvent inks enable you to accomplish anything from fi ne art reproduction, wall décor and stunning backlits, to vehicle wraps and outdoor displays. Or choose dye sublimation inks to create vibrant wearable textiles, unique home fabrics or soft signage.

    • Fast printing speeds up to 1,140 SqFt/Hr
    • Up to 1,440 dpi
    • Choice of eco solvent or dye sublimation ink sets
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  • Mimaki UCJV150-160 UV-LED Integrated Printer/Cutter

    Code: PM-MIM-UCJV150_160

    This print-and-cut model offers advanced print technologies, plus precision cutting capabilities, allowing you to create signs, posters, banners, labels, decals and more. Its flexible, multi-color UV-LED inks bring the quality, stability and reliability you can trust in an original Mimaki solution.

    • Print speeds up to 144 SqFt/Hr
    • Up to 1,200 dpi
    • Print up to 63.38"

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