Morgana DigiBook 300B PUR XL Pro


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The DigiBook 300XL opens the door to high value, large format book production. Fnished book size of up to 450mm x 450mm!

• 300 books per hour
• Touch screen operation
• Pneumatic opening and closing of clamp
• Deluxe catalogs produced economically
• PUR technology ensures permanent bind

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Ideally suited for litho and digital printers who require short to medium runs of PUR perfect bound books. PUR glue is applied to the book spine and on the sides by independent glue shots. Milling and notching tools gives the optimum spine preparation of the book block to interact with the glue.

•  300 books per hour
•  Touch screen operation complete with automatic format change
•  Pneumatic opening and closing of clamp
•  Binding length (spine) from 3.93” up to 17.71”
•  Spine thickness from 0.07” to 1.96”
•  Spine preparation by sophisticated milling device
•  Automatic cleaning and sealing of the glue head
•  Retractable milling
•  Patented hermetically sealed PUR application system for spine and side gluing with automatic glue cut-off
•  Unique angled work surface
•  Automatic book block measuring and set-up



Books per hour:Up to 300

Number of clamps:1

Touch screen: Yes

Spine length: max/min 17.7”/3.93”

Book height: max/min 17.7”/4.7”

Milling width: 0.118”

Book/spine thickness: 0.07” - 2.0”

Cover dimension: maximum 39.37” x 17.71”

Cover dimension: minimum 9.52” x 3.93”

Cover weight: max 400gsm

Dimensions: L 97.25” x W 50” x H 66”

PUR glue tank capacity: Up to 6lb

Machine weight:1157lb.7

Power requirement:32amp, single phase

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