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  • TEC Lighting Hand-Fed Offline UV Flood Coater W/3-Lamp & UV

    Code: GM-MSC-TEC_TRUV_21D

    TEC Lighting is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of UV lamps, curing equipment and special energy sources. TruCoat offers ideal combination of performance and affordability. It also offers the ability to gloss and satin coat almost any printed sheet with ease.

    • Three Size Ranges: 16" -21" - 30"
    • Modular in design
    • Sheets Per Hour: Up to 4,000 > Learn More
  • TEC Lighting UV Coating w/Deep-Pile Vacuum Feeder


    The TruCoat (Auto Fed) UV Coater is truly a unique coating technology. TruCoat technology can provide your business the highest possible UV coating available.

    • 3 Sizes: 16" - 21" - 30"
    • User friendly operation
    • "Easy to Use" touch screen
    • Variable intensity IR lamps
    • Quick change rollers that take 5 mins to replace > Learn More
  • Wire Hander f/HD-8000/OD3500

    Code: GM-PDI-110066S
  • ONYX HD4170 Electric "Rhin-O-Roll" Coil Inserter

    Code: GM-PDI-HD4170ONX

    The HD4170 “Rhin-O-Roll” Coil Inserter Module has 12" dual powered rollers with an adjustable lower roller for high
    performance easier more accurate coil insertion.

    • Measures document thickness and coil sizing
    • 12" binding width
    • Stand-alone or attache to vertical OD/HD Series
    • Designed for fast coil insertion
    • 3 Year Warranty Guarantee > Learn More
  • Heavy Duty Punch Onyx

    Code: GM-PDI-HD6500ONYX

    The HD6500 is a 14 inch (356 mm) open-ended punch that features the 2-bolt EZ Change Slide out die system for changing punch patterns in 60 seconds.

    •Quick, easy set-up
    •Punch capacity: 40 sheets or up to 80 pages
    •Pre-set paper stop positions
    •3 year limited warranty > Learn More
  • Pick Punch Stack. HD7000+PAL-M+APES

    Code: GM-PDI-HD7000_3IN1
  • Heavy Duty Punch w/QCDS ONYX

    Code: GM-PDI-HD7000ONYX

    The HD7000 is a 14" open-ended punch that features the patented “quick change” die system for changing punch patterns in 30 seconds.

    • No tools required
    • No bolts or screws to replace or misplace
    • Punch capacity: 40 sheets
    • Quick set-up
    • Designed for mid-to-high volume corporate use
    • year warranty, this is truly the industry standard.
    > Learn More
  • Pick Punch Stack. HD7700+PAL-M+APES

    Code: GM-PDI-HD7700_3IN1
    HD7700 heavy duty 14” punch (up to 55 sheets / cycle) PAL-M (manual) or PAL-14 (automated) pick module APES-14 automated paper ejector / stacker module
    Punch at the production of an automated system for less than half the cost.
    Comb - Wire - Coil - 3 Hole - Custom Dies Available > Learn More
  • Rhin-O-Tuff HD 7700 Onyx Ultima

    Code: GM-PDI-HD7700ONYX

    The HD7700 Ultima is the top of the line heavy duty durable Table Top Punch that has no equal.

    •14” (356 mm) open ended extra capacity die
    •Punch capacity: 55 sheets or 110 pages
    •Holds up to 150% more waste
    •Automatic and Manual Reverse > Learn More
  • Rhino-O-Tuff Onyx HD8000 14" Wire Closer

    Code: GM-PDI-HD8000ONX

    The HD8000 is a wire closing machine.

    •14" legal size capacity
    •Closes books from 3/16 inch to 1-1/4 inch thick
    •Fast and accurate
    •Significant savings on wire costs > Learn More
  • Rhin-O-Tuff Onyx PAL-M


    The PAL-M is a manual paper separator. The PAL-M is used to optimize the amount of paper to be inserted into the paper punch, not too much and not too little.

    • Variable Paper Lift Thickness
    • 3 Year Warranty > Learn More
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