Horizon HT-110 Three-Knife Trimmer

Code: GM-HOR-HT110

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The Horizon HT-110 is an automated three-knife trimmer for off-line or in-line operation with a user-friendly 10.4″ color touchscreen control console.

• Ease-of-use: simple and easy to operate
• Icon-based touchscreen
• High efficiency: speeds up to 1,600 cycles/hr
• 4,000 book/hr - stacks up to 3 books simultaneously
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1. Highly accurate set-ups are performed with easy and simple operation.

2. Trimming cycle can be adjusted in 13 stages from 400 to 1,600 cycles/hour. By accumulating 4 books at once at the Stream stack orientator, productivity 6,000 books/hour can be achieved.

3. Rigid framing and durable structure provides the utmost in trimming accuracy.


1. Strong and Lay-Flat Binding

As the printing industry diversifies, there is growing demand for binding with color sheets. EVA hotmelt glue has difficulty binding coated stock firmly, and does not currently enable acceptable lay-flat binding. However, PUR hotmelt glue can provide adequate binding strength and lay-flat quality for both offset and digital prints.

2. Durable against Temperature

PUR hotmelt glue retains durabilty and flexibility in both high and low temperatures. The temperature resistance for PUR hotmelt glue ranges from –20 to 120 degrees Celsius versus 0 to 60 degrees Celsius for EVA hotmelt glue. This allows PUR bound books to be handled in almost any climate or location.

3. Ecology

PUR adhesive is environmentally friendly, allowing PUR-bound books to be recycled. PUR also has a lower melting point (120 degrees celsius) than EVA for operational energy savings.

4. pXnet System: Automating the bindery with JDF Workflow

The pXnet Bindery Control System can consume JDF data for fully automated set-up, or be used as a central control point to schedule work, send job data, and collect production statistics from networked machines in real-time. pXnet brings effi ciency and value in high-mix / low-volume production environments where frequent job changeovers are needed. 



Untrimmed Book Size (Spine x Fore-edge) 5.83″ x 4.14″ to 16.14″ x 12.59″
Finished Book Size (Spine x Fore-edge) 5.71″ x 4.05″ to 14.40″ x 11.81″
Trim Width  Fore-edge 1.77″, Top-Bottom 1.18″
Trim Height .079″ to 3.93″
Production Speed 400 to 1,600 cycles/hour
Voltage/Frequency 3-Phase 200 to 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Machine Dimensions 76.8″ (W) x 84.7″ (D) x 75.2″ (H)





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